Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Inspired by another blogger

My good friend Pam over at Stitching Between the Lines recently started writing again and published a wonderful post called "Where Are They Now?".  Her blog had been dormant for a while and now she's back (yay!), and she wrote a delightful catch-up post.

Which I will now copy.  Not because I'm unoriginal.  But because she had an awesome idea.

When I first started writing my blog, I wrote about my kids.  A lot.  Maybe ad nauseum.  They were 10 years younger (yes, I've been hanging around here for ten years) and teenagers.  We were all-kinds-of-crazy between school, sports, dances and hormones and teen drama.  So I had lots of great blog fodder as we navigated those waters.

Now?  Not so much.  They've grown and gone and are settling into lives of their own.  I recently realized that from now on I'll mostly see them for "events" (like graduations, holidays, weddings and funerals), and that's if I'm lucky.  But probably not for the day to day casual conversations (and arguments) that we used to have and that I used to love, teen angst and all.


This fellow has just passed his qualifying exams for the doctoral program he's been part of at the University of Georgia since 2011.  He's been doing genetics research and generally making UGA smarter for a couple years and now it looks like they'll keep him for a couple more.  Then maybe back to Pittsburgh for his post-doctoral work?  A mother can hope.

So.  I'll have a few more years of him attempting to explain his research to my feeble mind.  I just nod and look like I understand, but I know he knows that it's all an act.  Luckily, we are both addicted to The Walking Dead, so we have something we can talk about.  And at least I can sound informed about that.

This young lady recently left for a new adventure in Colorado, where she's working hard to make her dreams come true, including running her first marathon last week and working as an intern with Trail Runner Magazine.  They've published some of her articles.  If you like trail running, you can read them here, here , and here.  She's also writing in her own blog frequently.  Soon she'll be getting paychecks from a running store to be able to continue to pay rent, have a car and eat.  And get her mother good shoe discounts.  And she'll continue to write and who knows where that may lead?  Maybe back to Pennsylvania?  Again...that's wishful thinking from her mother.

It's kind of funny how I miss different and particular things about each one of them.  I miss John's noise and his teasing.  I miss Colleen's quiet calm.  But I still have Dave here, who is noisy and teasing and calm - like both kids all rolled into one big ball of husband.  He's working part time as a floating pharmacist for a Large Chain, so while he's more or less based out of a local store, he has the option pick up an open shift and travel to other stores far and wide.  Sometimes it's a great experience.  Sometimes, not so much.

And as for me, I've just been promoted from Bookkeeper to Accounting Assistant, which quite honestly means absolutely nothing. .Although after the workday I had yesterday, I'd happily be demoted to Girl Who Empties the Trash Can.  Simple and stress free and a job I can handle.

I'm still stitching, but not very much.  Sadly, nothing picture worthy.  Maybe next time?


  1. Wonderful post! I find that I can relate to much of what you said about your kids as mine are just stepping out on their own. The hardest part for me is missing the daily interaction.

    I also know exactly what you mean about the stress of the job as I work in accounting. I've had days that I considered a less stressful job too.

  2. Loved this post! We are just entering the teen years with our've given me a reminder to enjoy the ride, even on the most trying of days!

  3. Wonderful. Glad to be an inspiration to someone. I thought I'd have more stitching time as they moved on but somehow it hasn't worked that way. The world, in general, seems to feel that I can handle more stressful responsibilities outside the house now.
    I look at the quite women who nobody assumes can handle anything and wonder how to be more like them!

  4. Enjoyed your post this morning, Lee! Hope the rest of your week at work is stress-free.

    Robin in Virginia

  5. So this is what's ahead huh? Our oldest is just a freshman in college.

  6. Yes, the empty nest leaves space for other things and commitments. (QB, just say No!) I'm so fortunate that mine has relocated back to the same town - so there's always hope! I'll be retiring in about a year and a half, and keep saying that IF I have to work again it will be a mindless, no early alarm job! Hope yours smooths out soon.

  7. Loved seeing the photos of the kids, Lee--you should be so very proud of each of them. I'm lucky enough to have two of my three nearby, but even though I manage to get them out here for Sunday dinner each week, I feel the absence of our youngest even more. His empty "place at the table" is a constant reminder that our family is not quite complete. But, hey--two out of three is better than none, right? I do hope yours gradually make there way back to the 'Burgh :)

  8. Man, can I relate...our three have been out of the nest for awhile, and it's just me and my true love at home now. Even if I cook a favorite recipe from back when the children were all underfoot, it doesn't taste the same now. But, then again, freedom from laundry duty has it's privileges, ha ha!

  9. Mine never came home, sigh, but then their parents keep *moving* the house, lol, first west then over the water then back again to yet another place!

    On the bright side there is always a bed for us in Wyoming, DC and of course, the Burgh :)

    Get stitching, woman!

  10. Beautifully written, lots here I can relate to.

    Thank you for sharing a wonderful post.

  11. Your kids have great smiles! Which leads me to believe that they are pretty doggone happy which also tells me that you and your husband have been some pretty great parents! You are proud, I know, by their accomplishments and lives they are a mother of teenagers I can only hope that mine will turn out so well. Congratulations on your promotion at work :)