Sunday, November 03, 2013

Why have we stopped writing?

First of all, I promise I won't go on and on about this.  But why have so many of us let our blogs flounder?  I'm not the only one with a blog that's flopping around on the boat and gasping for air.  (Ewww.  That's a terrible visual image.  And I'd re-write it but I'm NOT self-editing, dammit)

As for me, I'm still stitching and enjoying it more than ever.  I'm enjoying the companionship of fellow stitchers - both online and in real life.  And I'll bet many of you are too.  So why the heck are our blogs sitting idle?

Did some of us go through life changes?  I know that I wrote (probably too much) about my children, but now they're grown and gone and aren't constant fodder for my blog anymore.  So that's a life change.  And I went back to work outside my home.  Yeah....that's an exciting change.  (insert the proper sarcastic tone).  Did I have a joy of life back then that was easy to identify and that I'm searching to identify it now?  Not that I'm not happy...just that I can't articulate it here.

So what are your thoughts?  And if you think about it and come up with an answer and have an idle blog you'd like to kick start, go write them in your blog.

In the meantime, I want to give you all a link to my friend Patricia's blog, Being Boswell.  We've been friends for-almost-ever and a while back  she moved away.  Not far, but far enough.  Well, recently we've reconnected and I realize just how much I missed our long talks and laughs.

Anyway, Patricia's a counselor who specializes in women's issues and she writes a very thoughtful and timely blog.  At least for me, anyway. For instance, Whodathought we'd be redefining ourselves in our 50's?  Evidently it's not uncommon, but still...I felt (and still often feel) rather blindsided.  And Patricia writes about it.

So follow that link up there and poke around on her blog and leave her a comment if you'd like.  I know she'd appreciate it.


  1. I'm certainly guilty of letting my blog flop in the boat! It's not that I don't think about it everyday, because I do. It's just once that I sit down, I'm happy to read other blogs than write on my own. I know that's terrible, but I'm trying to rectify that this month.

  2. I am guilty of lettinbg my blog sit idle for many weeks on end. Like Barbi said sometimes I am more content to read others blogs than write in my own.

    I have also found alot of bloggers I follow have switched over to cross stitching groups on Face Book, and while I like them I much prefer a good blog post.

    It is my goal this year to write more on my blog AND to post more photos of FINISHED pieces :)

  3. A lot of bloggers have switched to other avenues of social media - a majority to Instagram where a post there can be a micro mini post. Takes much less time.

    I'm also finding reading blogs a bit less pleasurable - loads and loads of self promotion. I need to spend some time culling those blogs so I find what's left in my reader are the ones I enjoy - like yours!

    I've also been less creative in the last 12-18 months. I am, however, working my way back. I've missed it!

  4. I'm one of the ones that have let my blog flounder probably because I've gone off more to quilting, knitting and crocheting. Since my blog was mainly about stitching, I didn't think that people would be that interested and it seemed to be the case by the number of comments. Plus, I've found that if I'm not spending as much time reading blogs and worrying about mine, I get more accomplished. I still look at them every day, but I comment less and less.

  5. Been wondering about this too. I have let mine slip due to less stitching time this year...unfortunately work got in the way! Now I find I am just too lazy sometimes to blog. I do like it, though, and don't enjoy other social mediums so I think you may have inspired me to get back to it. My blog is my "journal" for cross stitching and I hate now that I can't look back and see what I have done the past few months.

    happy stitching....

  6. I continue to get errors every time I post and can't post pictures at the introduction of Facebook are all reasons why I no longer keep my main blog up to date (my book blog is always up to date).


  7. Yep, very timely you should address this topic, I think perhaps many of us are wondering the same thing. I'm also a guilty party. Many wonderful bloggers seem to be slowly drifting away in the same boat of silence. For me, I've simply lost the personal pleasure of composing my own posts, although I still follow/read many blogs daily. And yep, I've been enjoying Pinterest a little too much.

  8. I can only speak for myself and say I've been blogging for nearly three years and have made nine posts a month, every month! I'm a little OCD like that.
    I find that the various SALs and games help. I do the TUSAL, the WIPocalypse and Theme-a-licious plus and Ornie SAl. So that takes care of five posts a month (theme has two).
    I also organise five blog hops a year, we've just had Hallowe'en . Please pop over and find twenty bloggers who are blogging regularly! I do think the number of new bloggers is decreasing though. Or maybe I'm not making a conscious effort to seek them out, I've got a full reader already LOL.
    Thanks for a thought provoking post.

  9. I am still reading and commenting ~ however, my boys' schedules have taken a lot of my time this year and my stitching has been slacking ~ I do love my blog and when I look back at the lack of posts this year, it saddens me, as I look at this as a journal of not only my stitching, but my family.....perhaps I need a weekend with the girls to kick me back into gear!

  10. I was never a very good blogger --- and this is multiplied in spades when it comes to social networking. I just don't feel up much to talking about me. So my blog is mainly stitchery related and, of late, I've been in such a slump that it's beginning to look pretty puny.

    But I read your blog -- honest, as well as one or two others. Just rarely comment.

  11. I always enjoy your posts, Lee. I posed the same questions not too long ago. It seems there are lots of other avenues that stitchers are using - Facebook & Instagram. People have also said it's hard for them to write a post.

    I sometimes feel that way (like today) too! I say write when you want to so I hope to see more of your posts Lee! ;-)

    ps Thanks for sharing about your retreat - sounds wonderful!

  12. I definitely have had life change with starting a new job almost a year ago. I went from a 10 minute commute each way to a 45 minute commute each way. It leaves a lot less time to get things done.

  13. No excuse, please, Miss, I tried to be more constant by taking part in a weekly photographic blog, ha!

    It should, in theory, not be difficult, especially if you, which I don't, use the schedule thingy and write the blog a couple of days,or the week before.

    All I can say is, I miss your lovely ironic posts and hell will probably freeze over before I just use Facebook. So, a challenge, a weekly post? Ready, steady.......

  14. Well I have my blog for over 7 years, and sometimes is hard to seat and write as I use to do before. Mostly because my job is so demanding, but also, because I realized that is very important to spend time wirh my love ones, as I'm now living in the states.

    When I started my blog was as a way to keep contact with my friends and family because I was living in Europe.

    About 2 years ago, i decided that I will write and post in my blog when I want and have time to do so. Is not mandatory anymore that I have to post every week!! I try to post at least once a month.

    In the last years many blogs have changed their content, some of them I still enjoy but others aren't any longer of my taste.

    I don't use to comment very often, but I really appreciate the creativity , inspiration and the joy that those blogs bring to my life.

  15. I reread your post and realized I missed the part about giving you an 'answer' of why blog posting has slowed down......first after the light bulb went off with me thinking....It is not just me that has noticed it.....I'd have to agree with's time Too busy with OT and volunteer obligations followed by feeling dumb about what I post.