Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why we do what we do

This video is from 2010, but it's new to me. So I'm sharing it with all of you.

I love what Renate Hiller has to say about hand work.  Don't let the spinning and knitting perspective put you applies to all  needleworkers.

I'll bet you're nodding your head in agreement right now and running to get your stitching!


  1. You are so clever! I love this video and she has expressed her thoughts beautifully.

    BTW, I am just creating my blog post and wanted to mention your posts and got here just in time!

  2. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hello Lee,

    Thanks so much for finding this for us to look at. Couldn't agree more with this.

    Happy days.

  4. Totally loved that! I just started a new stitching blog after a few months hiatus at I would love if you visited and became a follower!

  5. Hrrmm. That was interesting. I think I might have to be the odd one out in this space because I don't totally agree with what she said.

    I DO agree that as humans, we are becoming more and more disconnected with our world, with eachother and with ourselves.

    I don't agree that crafts and "using the hands" is the way for people to reconnect.

    I do agree that it IS A WAY. But not the ONLY way.

    I connect in my ways, through my stitching (of course) through my interactions with others (I refuse to use gadgets when I am with people) and through my ability to empathise. I love walking. Stretching my legs out and exploring new places. My feet take me where ever I want to go... I'm greatful to them because they give me FREEDOM.

    I work in Information Management, and one of the most fulfilling things for me is connecting the dots for people, streamlining processes and information to make lives easier, to help the environment and the people around me.

    I have no family, not because I don't want them, but because I haven't found a man I'd want to have them with yet. But I LOVE my parents and sisters. To me I'd do anything for them.

    My cat Max, well, if I ever had a boyfriend he'd be it LOL :) but one of the most simplest pleasures I have is being around him. He's a nut case, a cat being a cat. But in his catness I see all the goodness, and not so good, in the world.

    So yes, while this video is nice, I can't connect with it completely because crafts isn't the only way I can BE as a human.

  6. What a wonderful video, Lee, thank you so much for sharing it with us!
    What a graceful and gentle person she is, and she totally spoke to my inner stitcher.

  7. Hello Lee! I found you through Carol and wanted to pop by and say hi! Thank you for sharing this lovely video!