Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A quick answer

A couple of you have asked about the sampler in my last post.  It's a Shakespeare's Peddler chart - Jenny Bean's Christmas Sampler.

(Pic borrowed from Pam, whose photo skills are better than mine!)

I wanted to answer you quickly because this morning I just read that Theresa Venette (owner of SP) is offering free shipping on purchases through her Etsy site, Letters Great and Small.  It's only till Sunday, though, so don't dawdle...


  1. Glad to see this beauty on display. Loved every single stitch of that sampler. Yours is looking pretty good, too.

    Maybe your 'bag' challenge will spur me on. I am not feeling the blog love either. Mostly I'm still recovering from Christmas while wading thru all the year end reports at work and for my charitable endeavors. What I need is a really good friend to sit by my side and smack my hand down when I volunteer for stuff.


  2. Somehow I missed your last post! I actually think my normal state of being is "out of whack." Hey, stop being an enabler. Now I must go see what Teresa has on hand. And Queen Bee...stop saying yes to everything!

  3. Oh that is so cute! Got to give this some thought. Though I have no need for any more Tash. Just my W IPs will keep me busy for at least 5 years....

  4. Don't you love saying, Oh, now that's pretty! Then realize it's in your stash?? :-)