Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sherlock or Watson?

Like many of you living in the Eastern US, we had another weekend of awful weather.  And I worked really hard to put off clearing the driveway Saturday.  I had to really psych myself up to get out there and move more snow....

So how did I prepare?  I snuggled down in my chair and watched the last season of Sherlock, one show right after the other.  Like a pre-reward for a job I didn't want to do.  Boy, do I ever love that show.  I love a program that has me thinking about it long after it's over.  And Sherlock gave me things to think about as I mindlessly pushed snow around.  

Mostly what I thought about was...who is hotter?  Dr. Watson or Sherlock Holmes?

Who does it for you?  The icy brilliance of Sherlock?  A handsome genius who gives us glimpses of his flaws...and one of those flaws his loneliness?

Or does Dr. John Watson turn you on?  Not brilliant, but smart, loyal, dependable...yet with a streak of bad-boy/tough-guy that appears from time to time and that can be pretty hot.  Not quite but you'd call handsome, but still attractive.

As for me, I honestly can't say.  Probably Watson, because I think men like Sherlock come with too much drama.  And really....who needs drama?  

And Sherlock seems more like a project than a boyfriend.  And the last thing I need is another project.

Speaking of projects, I've been working on an older Lizzie Kate series, Flip It Bits.  I finished January a couple weeks ago, and I'm almost finished February.  Just for fun, I changed a thread or two in each Bit. I used a fuzzy pink thread instead of an overdyed for the snowman's scarf and mittens.  It's hard to see in the photo, but in person it looks kind of cool.  

And my local stitching group has decided that we should all wear name tags, which I think is a great idea for such a large group of women, because it's much easier for new members to get to know us if they can know our names.   It's so uncomfortable when you don't know all the names...So I've been working on one I've cobbled together from another design.  I should finish it soon, unless blindness sets in from working over one on 30 ct. evenweave...

I'm off to a much-anticipated stitching retreat this weekend, and believe it or not, I'll be taking the SAME project I took last year.  Let's hope I spend a little time stitching and a little less time talking and eating this year and then maybe I'll make have a nice progress pic to show for it.

Till next time, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congratulations on your January bit finish! Hmmm...I wonder if your fuzzy pink thread comes in fuzzy blue.

    Enjoy your upcoming stitching retreat this weekend and hope you are able to get in lots of stitching.

    Robin in Virginia

    PS I think I prefer Watson over Sherlock.

  2. Your over one tag looks very, very neat. I've thought about stitching those blocks so I'll look forward to seeing your progress.

  3. What a great idea to use fuzzy thread for the scarf. Have a great time at your retreat!

  4. What a great post! I like you, can't decide - So I won't - I'll take both!
    A bit envious of your retreat - have a great time!

    Mary in MN

  5. What a cute idea to use fuzzy fiber for the scarf and mitten! I really like it.

    It's a good thing you had a dilemma to keep your mind occupied while you shoveled snow. If you had made a decision, the job may not have been finished! I can't imagine shoveling my driveway out - it sounds like HARD work. I hope it warms up there soon!

  6. I'd definitely go Watson, myself. But then, personality wise I'm a bit of a Sherlock and Sherlocks don't play well together. :P

    Hope you enjoy the retreat!

  7. This Watson vs Sherlock thing came up when someone said it was Moriarty! (Yuck, talk about *drama*) It's Watson for me. Have fun at the retreat!

  8. I hope that you have a great time at the retreat and I am looking forward to hearing about it! Sweet stitching :)

  9. Haven't watched that show yet! Gotta check it out. Have a great time this weekend. We are going down to vist the daughter. Are you working on the Moira Blackburn piece?

  10. Haven't watched that show yet! Gotta check it out. Have a great time this weekend. We are going down to vist the daughter. Are you working on the Moira Blackburn piece?

  11. Lee, I love watching Sherlock too. I had fun catching up on season 2 via DVD before season 3 started and I've watched all of season 3. The show just gets better and better.

    "Brainy is the new sexy". Isn't that in one of the episodes? Hotness award goes to Sherlock, but he is to be admired from afar. Remember what Molly said "why do you always say such horrid things, Sherlock?" Coz his brain speaks with no censor! Boyfriend award goes to Watson.

    Enjoy your retreat - lucky ducky!

  12. I've watched one episode of the 'new' Sherlock. It just reminded me of how much I miss Jeremy Brett the original BBC Sherlock. Can't wait to see the finished name tag.

  13. Ha--you got me started on yet another series, Lee! I just watched my first two Sherlock episodes yesterday and really enjoyed them :)

    Hope you're enjoying the retreat (I KNOW you are!!) and I love your January snowman and teeny-tiny name tag--very cute!

  14. Due to your comments, I started this weekend watching season one. It was really good - and I agree with your assessment of the two gentlemen! I also like Elementary, with the little touch of fem Watson.

    Hope your retreat was loads of fun!

  15. Cute Lizzie Kate. I guess I need to settle in and watch that series. How do I miss these? Living in a dark cave with substandard satellite tv, I suppose.


  16. sweet little stitch. I can't see Watson as boyfriend material since he was in the Office! I love Sherlock and we wait eagerly for the new series - then there are only 3 episodes!

  17. Beautiful stitching!!
    I love Sherlock!

  18. Benedict/Sherlock!! Brains + crazy + hot!! Fun stitching finishes, too! Neat fuzzy thread!