Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hello Friends!  So...yes, it's been a while.  It seems like so many things get in the way of my visits here.

First of all, there's LIFE.  Just plain ol' everyday life that can suck up your time and creativity like nobody's business.

But I managed blog visits before, didn't I?  So I guess for my second excuse, I'll mention Facebook.  It's very easy to trade in the quick hit of a Facebook post for the meatier version of a blog post.  Except for this...I've made great friends and strong connections through blogging.  Facebook?  No.  Not really.  In fact, no new friends at all.  So I want to drastically reduce the number of times I look at Facebook, and spend more time creating blog posts.

Maybe you're feeling the same way?  If you are and you're thinking of giving your old blog a good kick in the pants, read this article, aptly named, Why Blogging is Better Than Facebook.  I like all of Cathy's reasons, but I like the Get Creative paragraph best.  

Now all I need to do is follow through.  As many of you know, that's not my strongest suit...

Anyways (or Anyhows, if you're from Pittsburgh), the last time we met here it was mid April.  Since then it has been an absolutely gorgeous summer in Pittsburgh.  Dave and I have enjoyed two of our favorite summertime things:  Outdoor concerts and baseball games.  Even though our Pirates seem to be spiraling downward, there are always the Pierogi races to give you a lift.

Best between-inning entertainment around!

I've also kept stitching through the summer.  Last year Dave and I bought a home in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Pittsburgh - a cozy little townhouse off the beaten path, and I've entertained stitching friends there a few times.  We've had lovely days with lots of laughs, and I've even accomplished some stitching.
Finished in February, but framed this summer

La D Da freebie - Flag City

Finally finished and framed our anniversary sampler!  Moira Blackburn's Scottish Love sampler, stitched on PTP Doubloon.
In family news, it looks like our family will be growing soon, with BOTH our children announcing their engagements.  We couldn't be more pleased!  Weddings are planned for summer 2015 and winter 2016.  It seems like the distant future, but it's really not that distant if you think of it in "stitcher's time".  (Thanks to Nikki for coining that phrase for me!)  I think I have a design picked for my son and his wife-to-be (very cool and non-traditional), but my daughter's design is puzzling me at the moment.  I think it's one of those times when a design simply has to hit you between the eyes, you know?

Sounds like a good excuse to go shopping, doesn't it?

Till next time,


  1. First, many happy congratulations! I have the excuse of the babies to find a new project and nothing. I hear you!

  2. Enjoyed your post, Lee! Lovely finishes and I really like how you personalized Flag City. Congratulations on the engagements of your kids. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. I enjoy blogging best of all. Love your stitching...beautiful.

  4. Beautiful stitching! Love the frame choices. Congrats!

  5. Welcome back to the blogging world...for good, I hope. I will read the article when I have a little bit of time but I suspect it's a no brainer for me since I am not a Facebook user.

    Congratulations on the upcoming weddings. Seems to be a common thread for several folks with kids who graduated in the same year as my oldest....however it doesn't look like a wedding is anywhere in my future. Darn it all.


  6. Great finishes Lee and congratulations on the kids' engagements. Wow, what wonderful news!

  7. Oh congratulations! How fantastic!

  8. Congratulations on the upcoming weddings. You've completed some lovely stitching

  9. So glad to see you are back at it again Lee! "The Reasons Why Blogging is Better than Facebook" is right on. And so are your stitching finishes!

  10. Hi Lee, welcome back! I love the anniversary sampler; I really like Moira Blackburn's designs. Have fun with the weddings!

  11. A wonderful post! I always enjoy hearing from people who live in my old home town. I was born & raised in a suburb just 10 miles north of Pittsburgh ... still have friends & family living there. Congratulations on your new home in such a lovely area, & on the upcoming marriages. Your stitchings are beautiful! Thanks also for the chuckle regarding the pierogi race : )

  12. Your Moria Blackburn sampler is beautiful--she has some great designs

  13. Beautiful pieces. Congrats on the two engagements - fun times for sure. Glad to see you back. Yes, FB can suck the time out of your life.

  14. Congratulations on the engagements! Our son and daughter did the engagement announcement at the same time to us as well. It is a big happy surprise! Our daughter opted for a shorter engagement, and they are married as of April. Our son and future DIL opted for a longer engagement, and their wedding will be a year from now. All good things to celebrate. Enjoy!!

  15. I'm just back from the beach (MIL was very good this year--whew!) and am reading your big news!! How very exciting for your entire family, Lee!! I'm so happy for the kids and it is really something to look forward to for you and Dave :)

    Love your latest finishes, especially Jenny Bean. Yes, we certainly had a great time at your little Mt. Washington retreat... So glad you are posting again, too! I thought we had lost you for good...