Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lee's February Stitch from Stash report

It's time for another Stitch from Stash report. How do these months fly by so quickly?

So first of all, I started with a bank of $20.50 left over from January.

And then I went shopping....

The good news is, I found a needlework shop very close to our winter home this year!  Or maybe that's the bad news.  As it happens, this fellow (shop owner is a man - kind of unusual, isn't it?) is more known for needlepoint canvases, so he has rooms and rooms of those and an excellent selection of threads, but his cross stitch inventory is rather dated.  Still - When I see a bunch of old stuff, I know that can mean that there are some Prairie Schooler gems hidden away, and ta-da!  Look what I found! Book #80, Old World Santas, which people have bought on ebay for anywhere from $37.99 to $8.50.  I paid the sticker price of $6.00. Hey there any way I can get a $32.00 credit for being in the right place at the right time??  Come on, give a girl a break!

Chart + perforated paper + threads = $17.70

He also had this chart and I've been eyeing it up on Sampler World and Sampler Lovers over on Facebook.  So even though I've put Quaker charts on my "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU LOVE IT" list, somehow this one squeaked in.  I have no willpower.

Chart alone = $14.50

So here's the math:
20.50 balance
25.00 February allowance
00.00 Earned for finishes
(14.50) Quaker Medallion
(17.40) PS chart and supplies
13.60 carried forward to March

And here's something fun! I won the January give-away from the Stitch from Stash group!  This lovely little chart was donated by Gillie, and she even included a couple skeins of floss.  Aren't those flowers adorable?  There's so much to see in this sweet design. Thank you Gillie!

Now, here's my February stitching.  No finishes...I had hoped to finish one of those Santas to get some kind of credit, but, well, no.  

I've been working on a particular sampler named Plenty and Grace.  I can't give you too many details, but I'll tell you this much:  It's a biggie.  

Isn't this little thistle motif adorable?  I wish you could see the colors better.  I like alphabets, but I couldn't wait to get the thistle.  So cute.

OK, I'm off to start supper.  It's stormy here tonight.  Maybe I'll stay in and stitch!


  1. What a lucky find! blessings, marlene

  2. Wow! Well done on new purchases! So nice when you can find treasures.

  3. Nice find, and I love the Quaker sampler, not seen that one before.

    Yayy on the sfs win, nice chart, and you're still in credit :-)

  4. Lovely new stash, both bought and won! I love that little thistle too.

  5. Great new stash, lovely win and nice progress :)
    What great purchases in the store... the sampler & santas just had to be taken home!!!

  6. You are welcome, Lee! Gosh, good thinking re the old stuff, many would just have given up at there being no new charts! Love the Plenty and Grace too, stitch more, I want to see!

  7. Good report there! And I do like that thistle! Look forward to more progress reports on Plenty and Grace... Hugs!

  8. Great PS find, Lee! I still remember finding the PS Winter Samplers chart when we were shopping at The Covered Bridge for only $6.00 :) You just never know what you'll stumble upon, do you? I'm glad you have a nearby shop, too, even if there isn't a ton of stuff that interests you.

    Such a nice chart from Gillie and lovely progress on your Quaker piece. Hope you're enjoying your home away from home :)

  9. Look at it this way....maybe you've encouraged the shop owner to keep his cross stitch inventory up.


  10. Dontcha love it when you find a treasure? Enjoy!

  11. I believe I have been to the shop you are talking about. I had a great afternoon looking through the charts and selecting fibers for one of my needlepoint projects. It is always nice to come across a treasure that is also a bargain.

  12. Good score on the PS chart! Good for you on staying in your budget! And that thistle is adorable!

    Robin in Virginia

  13. Those bargain bins in cross stitch stores are always hiding some treasures. We don't have these stores here but when I visit one while being in the US I am magically drawn to these baskets with the real old stuff - if the store has such a basket or bin, lol. You found two really great charts and of course you couldn't leave them there, could you? I wouldn't have either.
    I love your sampler.

  14. Some very lovely stitching since I've been lazy about blog surfing for quite a while. How'd you make it through Market week? I'm not participating in the "plan" but I went just a little crazy... so many beautiful new things. Enjoy some sunshine!