Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lee's March Stitch from Stash Report

First - the numbers:

 $13.60 carried forward from February
 $25.00 March allowance
($13.91) Crafty Framer shop (second visit - only purchased charts)
($11.77) Crafty Framer shop (first visit - charts and scissors)
$12.00 Credit for stitched area 44 X 199 of large sampler (equal to one page)
$24.92 balance at end of March
$25.00 April allowance - - - meaning whaaaaaat?
$49.92 Available to spend between now and April check-in!!

Second - the pictures:

The alphabets are done on my large sampler.  (The alphabet section is what generated my $12 credit.)  Next comes a nice row of flowers, birds and baskets - really fun!  Then the bottom half of the sampler has three houses and grass.  Lots and lots of grass.

And do you see my sweet scroll rod covers?  Like a dope, I left my covers at home, some 1,000 miles away.  So I had to make myself a new set, without the convenience of my sewing machine, which is also 1,000 miles away.  The nice lady at JoAnn's cut the fabric to size for me, because my sewing scissors are....well, you know....far away.  And then I hand stitched them.  It was actually very relaxing.

And here are my stash purchases.  Just like last month, I found another nice shop.  This one is in Largo, called The Crafty Framer.  And wow....does this shop ever cram a lot of stuff into a small space!  You have to be ready for a real rummage, or else you'll miss things.  I'll bet I spent an hour in there the first day with my friend Nancy, and a good two hours the second day with my friend Pam.  

So when I shopped the first time,  I found this nice chart in a half-price sale bin. Who doesn't love a Welcome chart?   And who can resist pretty $5 scissors?

And I purchased the classic alphabet sampler for a ridiculous $1.97.  Really.

I met Pam (Stitching Between the Lines)  there a couple weeks later, when I bought that Picket Fence design (above) because it has an adorable garden alphabet, and these two Handblessings charts.  I can't wait to get back to my stash and use some of my overdyed silks on these little bunnies.

And what's a good rummage without finding a couple great Prairie Schooler charts?  I was familiar with Christmas Day, but had never seen Still Life before.  That's another one I can't wait to try.  I have some awesome dark linen and I'd dig it out right now for some of those cool fruit baskets, but as you can's 1,000 miles away.  Oh...and another thing I should tell you is that Christmas Day was a whopping $3 and the kind shop owner threw in Still Life for free.

I understand that The Crafty Framer will be moving to a new and much larger space on May 1, so if you think you're going to visit, it's probably a good idea to phone and get directions to the new shop.  With this new space, the owner intends to start a regular stitch night in the future.  I'd be really happy if she did that.  I'm so lucky that I've had two stitching friends to check in with while I've been here, and adding a shop sponsored stitching night would be a nice thing, too.  As I've said many times before, there's just something about the camaraderie of stitching ladies!

Oh! I do have one little finish to show you.  Remember the PS chart I found at Silk Road Needle Arts?  I finished one of the Santas.  He's on perforated paper.

So that's about it from here.  In some ways, I'm counting the days till I get home, mostly because I'm so anxious to see all my friends and catch up with them and their projects.  And being able to sleep in my own bed, cook in my own kitchen and drive my own car all will be such pleasures.  In other ways, I'll be a little sad to leave here, too.  I feel as if we're setting down roots, getting to know the area and feeling more comfortable.  I really need to live in the moment a whole lot more.  To stop comparing one place to another and just enjoy wherever I am.  So for these remaining days, I'll be enjoying this.

See you next month, friends!


  1. What a wonderful new haul of charts you purchased, Lee! I haven't seen the PS Still Life before either. I like your PS Santa on the perforated paper. Nice progress on your sampler.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. You bought some lovely pieces :)
    Congret on your finish

  3. What a nice shop/owner and some great chart finds! blessings, marlene

  4. Really enjoying how you stretch your crafting dollars. I want to try this next year.

  5. Your sampler is looking lovely. And you sure made some great purchases this month. I love little shops where you need to have a good look around to find all the interesting things.

  6. What a cute Santa--I love him on the perforated paper! And your sampler is looking great, too.

    I'm so glad you and Pam have managed to get together--and what great finds you both had with the PS charts, Lee... I'm sure next year you'll know better about what to pack for your Florida months :) Enjoy your sunny, warm weather--it's raining and oh-so-gloomy here once again today...

  7. Love your stash, your stitching and your scroll rod covers. Are they hard to make?

  8. Whenever I am in a craft store in the use I also have a thorough look into the bargain bin and I always find something in there that I really love. Sometimes these old charts are the best. Particularly when they are old Prairie Schoolers.

  9. You sound so like me, with my crafting budget each month. Waiting for April so I can spend that months allowance. I took can't resist looking through the clearance bins for a good deal. Several years ago, I was lucky enough to find 2 charts for Scottish Band Samplers, that were done by Mother and Daughter. Took me awhile to complete both of them, because they were both worked in the same color scheme, and the large alphabet on both were done completely in Eyelid Stitches. But now that they are complete and framed, sure glad I found them and stitched them!