Monday, July 20, 2015

July 2015 Stitch from Stash report

So's time for 2015 Stitch From Stash Part B (July-December).  I don't think I had any doubts that I'd re-up for the rest of 2015.  First of all, I really like the budgeting part.  It makes me think  before I buy, and although I won't go so far as saying I'm depriving myself, I feel a certain measure of healthy control.  And then there's the fun of reporting.  Clearly I'm not blogging as much as I used to, so this has helped me back into regular writing.  Even if it's short and sweet - it's still something, right?

And here are my numbers;

Balance at June 30:  $89.00
July Allowance:       $25.00
Spent in July:           ($84.00)
Remaining cash         
carried into August   $30.00 

I've put some more stitches into Plenty and Grace...enough to confidently stitch in a place holder to start the dreaded houses.  Ugh.  I hate stitching houses.  They bore me to tears, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and if I love samplers, I have to stitch the occasional house, so I'll just suck it up and build three houses into this sampler!

I've also kept stitching my paper PS Santas.  Love, love, love them, and I've finished another.

Last week I went on a road trip with five of my stitching pals for a fun day of shopping and lunch and girl talk.  Crafty Ewe in Broadview Heights, Ohio is our favorite shop and well worth the drive, so off we went.  I did some damage to my Stitch from Stash balance, but most of the things I bought were designs I had thought long and hard about and I only had a couple impulse buys. And if you know me, you will conclude that all of the things I bought were entirely predictable.

First of all, when your newlywed daughter is spending the summer in this:

Please don't ask and please don't laugh

You probably will buy these:

And maybe even be unable to stop yourself from starting it immediately!

If you've ever met any of my friends, near or far, you'd guess that I couldn't resist this.  They are all my treasures:

And the next two were impulse buys.  But really...when you're in the shop that's filled with gorgeous stitched models, you KNOW you're going to put an extra design in your basket.  This one, with Nat King Cole's famous lyrics, was absolutely going home with me.

And I'm a sucker for the sale bin.
 (Thank you, Mary-"You Should Buy That"-VanTyne) 

So .we had shopping, then lunch, then our traditional visit to an Michael-Angelo's Baker.  We mulled around and mulled around, and just before we were ready to leave, the baker came out with this utterly amazing cake:

Is that the most incredible cake ever, or what?  Its detail was amazing, it was entirely edible, and even more gorgeous in person.  I only wish we could have been there when it was presented to the person celebrating her birthday.  Don't you think she would have said what we all were thinking:  "I don't want to cut it!"

Now I'll leave you with a couple more wedding photos:

Getting ready

Dave, Colleen, me

Our son John and our future daughter-in-law, Stefie.

So many happy faces cheering while the new Miller Family is introduced for the first time!


  1. What a great month you had, Lee!
    Congratulations to the new couple, as well as their proud parents :) I think their honeymoon plans are just awesome! What with the price of air travel and safety issues all around the world (not to mention right here at home) I love their choice...sending thoughts for safe travels.
    Your trip with the stitchy girls looks like such fun, and I am always awed by those of you who are not only lucky enough to have an LNS that you adore...but who have other stitchy friends close by...lucky! Your stash is awesome...great choices made indeed :)
    That cake! At first, I was like...what cake? All I see is a basket of stitching stash...LOL, then I went "WOW!" Of course now all I can think of is how much I want cake ;)
    Thanks for the share of pics, your family is just is in abundance.
    Have a great week

  2. I want to know more about the turquoise mobile home. And I look forward to seeing the pieces traveling with them! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures Lee. I like all the projects your picked out.

  4. Colleen was a beautiful bride.

    Aah...young love. Makes you willing to take off on an adventure in an old camper.

    I am still saving my Year in Chalk for you....

    Glad you didn't give in to peer pressure and quite the stitch from stash project. As if everything they blog about is interesting. Geesh.


  5. I loved catching up on your summer, Lee--the wedding photos are so special and you were a beautiful mother of the bride (something I'll never get to experience!)... It looks like the happy couple are off to a wonderful start in their bright mobile home :)

    Lovely progress on your sampler--hang in there with the houses (I actually love stitching them!) You know I love those PS Santas, too. I've been stitching a few new ones myself this year. So sad about them retiring... Nice new stash and oh, what an amazing cake that is. How much does something like that cost, I wonder?

    Hope the rest of your summer is relaxing and stitch-filled!

  6. What beautiful pictures today, Lee. Happy couple and happy family, great blue motorhome!! Your shopping trip sounds like great fun, especially seeing that fabulous cake! I wish I had an LNS to shop at these days. Guess mail order will do for now. Go right ahead and start one of the cutie little patterns you bought!


  7. You are doing great! I dislike stitching people... I don't have a single pattern with people in it... I wanted to do a sampler, but it took forever to find one without people in it! I settled on John Foster 1885, which I just pulled out again this week! Congrats to the newlyweds! Have fun stitching the new stash! Hugs!

  8. Beautiful photos, and sounds like a lovely month. That cake looks awesome!

  9. Very Beautiful Photos - Your Daughter is very beautiful.... I love your WIP's.... That cake is just gorgeous...what a neat idea that was.

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K