Sunday, August 16, 2015

August Stitch from Stash

We always put the re-cap at the top, so here we go:

Available to spend in August:  $30.00
What I spent:                              $0.00
Amount carried to September:  $30.00
September allowance:               $25.00
Amount earned for finishes  :    $12.00
What I can spend in Sept:          $67.00

Well, what a month!  You won't believe this, but we had another wedding this month.   I have some photos and you can see them in just a minute.  But first....

I finished the fourth PS Santa from Old World Santas.  Ever since I started using Instagram, my brothers and sisters have been "claiming" my finishes, so I think these are all spoken for.  Maybe.  If they're nice to me.  (I'm joking.  It's the least I can do after asking them to traipse all over creation to attend my kids' weddings.)

Isn't this next one cute?  It's a kit from SummerHouse Stitchworkes.  The thing about it I couldn't resist was the wooden nickel.  When my kids played baseball and soccer, wooden nickels were like gold.  See, at each game one of us moms or dads would go to the concession stand and buy a stack of wooden nickels for our team.  Then at the end of the game, the kids would each get a wooden nickel (worth 50 big cents!), clutch them in their little hands and run over to buy a bag of popcorn or some Sour Patch Kids or a can of pop. Win or lose, that run to the concession stand was joyful. So you can see why I loved the wooden nickel in this kit.

And here's my last finish.  You saw that I bought this last month for Newlywed Couple #1.  I've changed the fabric though.  Black or dark grey would have looked great, but this blue matches their camper and having some glittery and opalescent accents makes it even better.  I'll finish it pretty can see that I've found some nice backing fabric and trim.  Now I just need to decide if I want to finish it flat or pillow shaped.

OK, so last weekend our son got married!  This wedding was very small and intimate, but it was just as beautiful and sweet and special as our daughter's larger wedding.

We had a gorgeous evening wedding at a small winery in Northern Georgia.  Honestly, the weather was cool and dry and ideal...not what you'd expect for an August wedding in Georgia.  So the kids had their marriage ceremony there, and then we spent a little bit of time in the winery tasting room for some wonderful wines and delicious cheese, bread and jam.  Like a small cocktail party.

Then we took a short drive to yet another winery for a delicious meal and more wine.  Then back home for wedding cake. It was a lovely, lovely wedding.

So, two weddings in two months.  Both children are happy.  And as a result, my family has two wonderful new children.  I'll tell you...I feel like I'm livin' the dream!


  1. How very nice!! Congratulations on the weddings. That sounds like the perfect wedding :)

  2. Congrats to both the newlywed couples! A wedding at a winery sounds beautiful.

    Nice stitching :)

  3. Best wishes to the newlyweds! Love your PS Santas! I like the look of the August Year in Chalk on that blue fabric.

    Robin in Virginia

  4. You've had an amazing summer. Congratulations.
    Love the A Year in Chalk fabric. Great choice.
    You'll have to stitch the PS Santas a second time so you'll have them on your tree, too.


  5. Sleep Under The Stars on that fabric is awesome! I have that fabric also.
    What a beautiful couple. Congratulations!

  6. Wow, what a wonderful celebratory summer this has been for you and your family! Congratulations all around!

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  8. Love reading your blog, Lee! Congratulations to you and the newlyweds!!

  9. I love seeing the wedding photos, your son looks very happy! Sleep Under the Stars is just too cute, and perfect for your daughter. What are you stitching for this happy couple!

  10. It looks like both weddings were simply lovely...what a wonderful summer you've had!

  11. What a summer you've had!! I am so happy that both of your kids have found such wonderful partners to live their lives with. I know each wedding was special in its own way--really love the peaceful vineyard scene and everyone with their joyous smiles :)

    Your PS Santas are looking great, too, Lee, and I know the kids will appreciate the camper stitching for their new home. Hope they are doing well...

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  13. That sounds like a wonderful wedding celebration. Congratulations again! And you are doing well with the SFS. Plus three finishes... wow! I am sitting here with four finishes to be 'finshed' and I can't get motivated... Hope you fare better!!

  14. Congratulations on your wedding celebrations. Wishing you all many blessings! Hugs, Christina in Miami.

  15. Congrets on your finishes and newlywedges
    Look forward to the next finishes
    It seems you have turboneedles :)
    Greetings from Esmeralda in Holland

  16. Great job on the PS santas! Are you going to back them with felt or frame them? And I love the fabric choice for the chalk piece. I need to post a pic of mine. Hard to believe both of your children are now married!

  17. Congratulations on both weddings. You had a busy summer!