Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September Stitch from Stash

First, the numbers:
Available to spend in September:        $67.00
I spent:                                                ($20.00)
I earned:                                               $24.00
Plus October allowance                       $25.00
So I can spend this much in October!  $96.00  (this feels like a challenge...)

And here's how I earned some bucks back.  First of all, it helped that I didn't have any more children getting married over the past month.  And I went to a stitching retreat over Labor Day weekend.  The theme for my retreat should have been:

How to stitch a house in three days (between eating, laughing and sleeping a lot):

Because took me all three days to stitch that house.  And there are two more houses to build before I can call this sampler even close to complete.  PLUS more grass to stitch than what's growing on the White House lawn.

Another finish was waiting patiently in my Florida bag.  (Meaning it hadn't been unpacked since May.) While we were in Florida I stitched most of last year's PS Santa card except the words and the notes.  After stitching on tiny count all weekend my eyes needed a rest, so finishing him up was a nice break.  Now I've started another... the 1991 Santa.  I love these guys on 18ct linen.

Prairie Schooler 2014 Santa

Are you wondering what I purchased?  Well, it's not here yet, (still in the mail) so I don't have a photo, but I went nuts and bought another one of those crazy OOP Prairie Schooler charts, #42 Angels.  Here's what they look like when they're stitched (online photos of the chart cover were pretty poor quality):
Picture is from a Japanese blog that you can find here:

One of my stitching friends is working on these and they are really vivid in person.  So I've been obsessing about this chart for a year.  And the chart is amazingly hard to find, but I guess I can see why.  These angels weren't the sort of thing people stitched in 1993.  I feel like back in 1993 everyone was all about those Lavender and Lace angels.  And in 1993 I had two pre-schoolers running around the house and no Internet for stash shopping, so I wasn't stitching much of anything.

That's all for this month.  October will be pretty quiet around here unless my Pirates are in the baseball playoffs.  (fingers crossed!!)  It's always a good month for catching up on a book or two and stitching during Sunday football games.

So...I'll talk to you next month!


  1. Hey, I know just the right 3 day weekend where you can stitch a house or two!


  2. Lee, '"ve also had that Santa in my stash for years....since 1991 to be exact! So glad to see you're giving him his due. I''ll eagerly await progress on the angels.

  3. What a lovely house you built, Lee! Hope you had an enjoyable retreat! Aren't retreats fun?

    Robin in Virginia

  4. I'm so glad you found the PS Angels chart, Lee! Looking forward to seeing you and your large WIP in a few weeks :) Hard to believe it's been a year since we've seen each other (and NOT a year to remember!!).

  5. Great progress with the house! Any progress is a plus! And finishing Santa I am sure bumped up your stitching resolve! I shall look forward to seeing the PS Angels stitched soon! They look wonderful! Hugs!