Saturday, November 21, 2015

November Stitch from Stash

Oh well.  Not really.

For a number of reasons, the Stitch from Stash program is over.  I enjoyed it while it lasted, but our leader needed to take care of other things in her life so our little group is no more.  I say good for her...(and without a trace of sarcasm).    It's good to set priorities in life and realize when something you're doing simply doesn't fit your life anymore.

I was on a downhill coast to the end of the year anyway.  I had a good healthy balance in my "available to spend" line and few opportunities to whittle it away between October and December.  But without dwelling too much on dollars and cents, here's what I discovered about my spending:

  1. I really and truly can control my spending on charts.  Unless my tastes change dramatically over the next year or two, I can look at a chart and control myself by realizing I have something very, very similar in my stash already.  And it's probably kitted up and has been waiting patiently for me to take a needle to it.  For about 5 years or more. 
  2. If I'm going to splurge on charts, it'll probably be online.  My self-control flits away there. In a shop, I walk around with a chart in my hand for a while and then tell myself I don't need it.  Online?  It goes into my shopping cart and I'm less likely to re-evaluate and put it back.  It's too easy to just click, click, click.
  3. I lose all control while I'm looking at fabric in a brick and mortar shop.  Even though I'm almost always shopping for one piece of fabric for one particular project, I'm likely to leave with at least four pieces of fabric.  It's kind of a half impulse buy and half  "I may never see this again" feeling.  Fabric is like that.  And those baskets of cut fabrics in unusual sizes?  Just dump them ALL in my shopping bag.  That never happens if I buy online though. I buy what I need and I'm done.
  4. I don't go nuts on threads, but I will say that I'm not a bit frugal with threads.  I seem to buy all new threads for every project.  I've been screwed too often by overdyeds' wildly different dye lots, so often I don't even go to my stash to look for thread.  I just buy all new.  That'll eat up a budget quickly.
  5. It's not just overdyeds.  I buy all new DMC, too.  There's just something about walking out of the store with a bouquet of fresh and new DMC threads that makes me happy.  
Does anyone else out there have the same shopping behaviors?  If my buying behaviors are common, do you think shop owners are aware of this?  Big box stores throw loads of money into researching customer buying patterns and into how to maximize buying by using your store's layout.  I wonder if small shop owners have access to the same kinds of studies.  

I'm getting ready to leave the lake for the winter. For the next few months I'm trading in an icy lake for a warm bay.  Dave actually left a few weeks ago and took the big stuff with him, so I'm left with the small stuff.  I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but the small stuff is some of the most significant stuff.  Like small electronics and chargers and bathroom and kitchen things...not to mention the work files I need to take.  And of course, a couple bags of stitching and quilting things! 

And I'll tell you, being alone for these weeks hasn't been all fun.  With so many evenings alone, I thought I'd get all kinds of stitching time, but I didn't.  Luckily I had a couple of stitching days with friends, otherwise I'd have been a total slug.  Mostly I worked on the Plenty and Grace sampler.  There's still SO MUCH TO DO!

I'll write again and include some pictures once I get settled down south.  That car isn't going to pack itself.


  1. Hmmm...I never buy all new threads. My stash runneth over in that department. Only once did I have an over dye not match. A sympathetic blog friend sent me some from her stash that matched my older shade. I buy charts impulsively in both and in a store. But, I can also say that I now look at things and think about how it looks like something I've already bought or stitched.

    Glad you are heading to warmer climates. While cold weather has been late to arrive I can tell it is coming.

    Enjoy your new Florida digs. See you in a couple months.


  2. Have a safe journey south! I do try to shop my stash first for fabric and threads. I want new skeins (overdyed or DMC) for projects, but will only buy them if I don't already have them in my thread boxes or on my rings. Like you, I lose control over fabrics if I can see them in person. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about your spending habits.

  3. Fabric is my downfall. I can walk away from a chart and resist fibers, but fabric....somehow I always seem to convince myself that I neeeeed it!

    Enjoy your trip travels!

  4. Your thoughts on spending are interesting. We're all a little different. I have a hard time resisting a new chart I love. I will usually buy the linen for it at the same time. Flosses and threads... I usually rely on what I have in my stash. I've learned that unless I'm doing smalls, I can't count on having the fabric I need on hand.

  5. Lately, I have been very good... but that is due to our very sudden changes to our lives (and money!!) However, when I was working, I did all of the above. Consequently, I have quite a bit of stash to pull from these days, and lots of threads...and backing fabrics. I would say I am set, except I read blogs and am in FB groups that SHARE! But---I just put 'wants' in a notebook, and someday... after reviewing and deciding I really need to get whatever, it could happen!! Have a great trip south, and hopefully a good thanksgiving! Hugs!

  6. I am exactly the same way! I buy so many patterns over the Internet, I will never ever stitch them all. When I go to a stitching store I spend a LOT of money on linen. I feel like it's the last time I will ever see fabric that I love as much. And yes, I buy all new threads for every project.