Some awesome work done by other stitchers

Although I've had good intentions, this page tab has been hanging out on my blog for most of a year now totally blank.  It's time to fix that.  I'm not going snag your photo and post it here though - I'm going to LINK to your photo so that blog readers come visit your blog.

November 26:  It doesn't have to be big to be great.  Sometimes there's nothing better than a perfectly executed Christmas ornament.  Well done, Andrea!

November 17:  Excellent tutorial for mounting your own stitching.

November 14 - Bike on over to this post by The Musing Badger and see her terrific biker ornaments.  Really cool!
Also, visit the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's blog and read all about my favorite city and my favorite neighborhood.

November 7: Today's gorgeous entry is from September 23.  Go to Melissa's blog to see her Pink Sparrow Sampler.  I love it!

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